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Our expertise in Power Conversion spans a multitude of industries, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique requirements. For personalized consultations or to explore how our Power Conversion solutions can elevate your project, reach out to us today. Your vision, our power – let’s create excellence together.


1U Supercap Energy Reserve Rack

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Rack batteries -Li-ION 28VDC-80Ah -Plomb pur 262VDC-5Ah

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)

IP65 Battery Voltage Boost Regulator

Power Distribution Box

Power Supply for Turret Computer

Generator Set Alternator Regulator for Tank


Onboard Network Transformer

Radar Antenna Converter

Cockpit Lighting Module

1U Supercap Energy Storage Rack

Static Converter up to 500KVA for Test Bench

Static Converter 60 kVA for Rafale Network Power Supply on the Tarmac or Aircraft Carrier

Static Converter 100VA 115V 400Hz

Aircraft Landing Aid System (ALAS)

 Modular Static Converter, 2x10KVA or 20KVA, Three-Phase, 440VAC-60Hz / 200VAC-400Hz

Power Supply DC/DC Converter, 2.5 kW, for Onboard UPS on Military Ships

Control and Command Power Supply

Lithium Ion 4S 14.8V-15.36Ah Pack + BMS or Lithium Polymer 6S Pack

4S + 6S Lithium Polymer or Lithium Ion Charging Case


Capability for design and manufacturing of custom transformers ranging from 1VA to 50KVA, engineered to meet stringent naval environments.

EMI Filters and Networks

Custom Passive Filters up to 1000A, designed to meet MIL-STD-461 standards while maintaining compatibility with stringent environments and compliance with EN 60939.

Custom Active Filters addressing challenges related to the startup of generators or engines.


750W TGV Converter

Molded Converter for TGV Cab

Power Supply and Converter 800W for TGV Brake System Test Bench