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Our Datalogger Interface is a vital component of our advanced solutions, designed to bridge the gap between data collection and actionable insights. At FAAR Pronergy, we recognize that data is at the core of well-informed decision-making. Our Datalogger Interface is expertly crafted to unleash the full potential of your data.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our Datalogger enables seamless data collection, monitoring, and analysis from various sources, including sensors and control systems. Whether you operate in the automotive, defense, or any other industry, our Datalogger Interface can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


CAN Datalogger Interface

Memorator Light

Designed for troubleshooting any CAN-based (controller area network) system, the Kvaser Memorator Light HS is an easy-to-use tool for logging serial data, with no preconfiguration or software setup required. With an autobaud function that determines CAN bus bit rate, the Kvaser Memorator Light can be attached to any high-speed CAN bus without configuration.


Memorator HS/SWC

Kvaser Memorator HS/SWC is a dual channel, intermediate performance, CAN (controller area network) bus interface and standalone datalogger. This device has one CAN channel for High-Speed CAN and the second for Single-Wire CAN. In interface mode, it connects to a PC with USB1.1.


Kvaser Memorator dual HS or Professional 5xHS is a five-channel, high-performance CAN bus interface and stand-alone data logger that allows users to monitor and collect data from up to five CAN channels using just one device.

Memorator SEMIPRO R

Kvaser Memorator R SemiPro is an advanced, rugged, two channel CAN (controller area network) to USB interface and standalone data logger – two products in one! To ruggedize the design, Kvaser has soldered the SD card to the PCB to make sure it works error free even when exposed to vibration and shocks.


Memorator PRO HS/LS

Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS is a two channel, high performance, CAN (controller area network) bus interface and data logger. Standalone mode logs data to an expandable SD card slot; interface mode connects to the PC using USB2.0.


Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS of 2xHS is a professional-level, multi channel CAN bus interface and standalone data logger offering advanced features such as message filtering, triggers, error detection and generation, silent mode, an expandable SD card slot up to 64G, and galvanic isolation. 5xHS supports CAN FD.

Both are connected to a PC with USB1.1

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