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FAAR Pronergy is the result of a strategic merger. In 2016, Pronergy joined the FAAR Group, unifying their strengths and expertise. This merger expanded our capabilities from electronic control and power systems to energy management, transformation, and storage, covering every aspect from design to equipment maintenance.


FAAR Pronergy represents a powerful blend of talents, positioning itself as an authority in embedded systems, electrical-electronic solutions, and energy expertise.

A Fusion of Expertise
and Focus on clients

At FAAR Pronergy, our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence is perfectly aligned with the needs of our clients, who are esteemed equipment suppliers in various industries, including automotive, defense, and beyond. With precision as our hallmark, we collaborate with our clients to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. Our rigorous engineering processes and dedication to quality assurance ensure that we not only meet our clients’ expectations but consistently raise the bar in engineering innovation. Our multidisciplinary approach extends our expertise to diverse sectors, making us trusted partners for those seeking efficiency, reliability, and excellence in their equipment solutions. We understand that the safety, performance, and effectiveness of these systems are paramount, and we take these responsibilities seriously, delivering the utmost in engineering excellence.

We are not just about doing business. We are also dedicated to knowledge sharing. We have designed specialized training modules based on our practical experience and the future needs of technical skills. We work closely with engineering schools and technological laboratories to bridge the gap between research, educating the next generation of engineers, and industry, bringing innovative projects from the drawing board to commercialization.


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Within our dynamic team at FAAR PRONERGY, leadership is embodied by our key executives. For any inquiries or communication needs, feel free to reach out to the following individuals, each playing a pivotal role in steering our collective vision.



Nicolas JOSSET

 PRONERGY's Director


HR Manager

Stéphane COUCHOT

Commercial Director


Technical Director



Over the years, we have built a culture of service, teamwork, and innovation.Based on our high value staff and an average experience of ten years, we help and promote our staff to build a efficient careers with us. We’re looking for the best, the brightest and the hungriest for innovation. We welcome people of all ages, nationalities and various competences: software and hardware development, data science, product strategy, industrial design and beyond. Our top criteria are team spirit, curiosity, creativity, ability for teamwork and a commitment to develop new concept to keep our excellence level regarding our deliverables

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