Aeronautical Defense Applications

In the demanding field of aeronautical defense, reliability and performance are paramount. Our expertise at FAAR-PRONEGY spans over four decades, making us a trusted partner in this highly specialized sector. We’ve consistently delivered innovative solutions that meet the stringent standards required for aviation applications.

Focus on innovation

From batteries to power conversion, our products are designed to thrive in challenging aerospace environments, ensuring the success of critical missions. Explore the array of cutting-edge products we offer for the aeronautical defense sector, knowing that each one embodies our commitment to excellence and unwavering reliability.


In the Aeronautical Defense Sector, we have developed a range of advanced equipments tailored to the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. Our product offerings include:

✅ Cockpit Power Supply: Providing reliable power to critical cockpit systems.

✅Cockpit Power Supply: Providing reliable power to critical cockpit systems.

✅ Antenna Converters: Ensuring efficient signal transmission for communication and radar systems.

✅ Rotor Threshold Detectors: Vital components for helicopter safety and operation.

✅ Lighting Amplifiers for Dashboard Displays: Enhancing visibility and functionality.

✅  Frequency Converters (3 to 500 KVA): Enabling consistent power delivery in varying frequencies.

✅ Battery Chargers/Dischargers: Ensuring efficient and controlled battery management.

✅ Static Converters for 115VAC-200VAC / 400Hz power distribution: For converting power to meet specific aircraft requirements.

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